Sticky Situations That Call for a Locksmith

You’ve hit snooze on your morning alarm five times more than you should’ve, and now you’re late for an important meeting. Satchel in hand and your piping hot coffee in another, you realize you have no idea where you last left your car keys. In a hurry, you have no choice but to enlist the help of a qualified local locksmith.

All that in mind, lost keys aren’t the only reason you may have to find a local mobile locksmith to help you gain access to your vehicle. If you’ve experienced any of the circumstances below, a locksmith may become a lifesaver.

Situation 1 – You’ve Lost Your Keys

“I’ve lost my keys and can’t get into my car,” is something your locksmith has probably heard upwards of a thousand times. Whether you dropped them at the supermarket or can’t remember which drawer you left them in, calling up a locksmith will save you time. They may even hand you over a cheap copy.

Situation 2 – You’ve Left Your Keys in the Car

In the middle of your commute to work, you get out of your car to hurriedly grab a much-needed on-the-go Espresso, only to realize you’ve left your keys in the ignition.

Once again, a local locksmith can come to the rescue, and you’ll only have to shell out a couple of bucks for door opening services. The only bummer will be thinking about how your keys were right in front of your eyes—you just couldn’t get to them yourself.

Situation 3 – Your Key is Broken

As far as car key mishaps go, a twisted key is the most frustrating. If you’ve shattered or cracked your car keys while twisting the door lock, repairing them yourself is nearly impossible. Your spare key is useless in this scenario—its bottom half is still in the keyhole!

Your locksmith will pull the remainder of your key from the hole with a toolkit and magnet and fix you another copy.

Situation 4 – Your Vehicle is Second-Hand

Purchasing a used car leaves a high probability that it will only come with one set of keys. Without a spare set, it can become inconvenient for you to share your (almost) new set of wheels with a friend or family member.

As per usual, your mobile locksmith can set you up with a copy. Even if you aren’t splitting usage with a partner or roommate, it never hurts to have a spare—you never know when you’ll experience any of the other three key-related accidents!


Nobody wants to have to call up a locksmith—everyone wants to believe they’re competent enough not to misplace their keys or forget them in the ignition. However, some mornings are just tough, especially when you’re already running late or managing a bustling household.

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