Certifications for Pros Glass Repair

Mobile Auto Glass Service: What You Need to Know

Small things matter a lot in life. A crack in your car’s windshield, a chip on the rear glass, a niggle on the side window – these problems may seem small enough to ignore. But they may come back to haunt you later. Not fixing them on time and ignoring the problems for too long may result in a hefty repair bill. In fact, delaying the repair work increases the risks of the glass shattering. And not to mention, you will get a ticket if the police catch you with a cracked windshield.

But where do you go when you face such a problem? Your nearest car repair technician? Or maybe to the car’s dealer? Well, these may seem obvious options, but the person that you really need to go to is an auto glass technician. He is a specialist at repairing windshields and car glasses.

Auto glass technician certifications

An auto glass technician goes through years of education and training before he becomes a specialist. The combination of hands-on training and theoretical knowledge about fixing windshields and repairing window panes give enough experience to the technicians to start working as professionals once they complete their degree program. Here’s a breakdown of the auto glass repair accreditation course.

The technicians complete formal training in collision repair from a technical school or community college. Most of these institutions provide a 1-year certificate or a 2-year associate’s degree program. The programs strictly focus on various aspects of a car, such as repairing windshields and window panes, replacing them within a few hours, auto body structural repair, minor collision repair, and metal insert glass welding. This degree program develops the technician’s base to ensure that he can detect the problem just by looking at it.

Next, the technicians gain employment in a local auto repair shop to get hands-on training from the best in the business. The on-job training may last for six months or, sometimes, a year. It’s after a successful on-job-training program that the technicians receive their professional certificates. Spending almost 2 to 3 years in learning about the technicalities of auto glass and then getting hands-on training, provide adequate knowledge and experience to these technicians that enable them to work as an expert in an auto glass repair company.

Why should you hire an auto glass technician?

Safety first is the rule when you drive a car. And that applies to the windshield and side windows too. It’s risky to drive a car that has chipped windows and a cracked windshield. Of course, repairing the glasses and windshield is necessary, but why should you hire an auto glass technician? With the car’s dealer at your service, what makes an auto glass technician stand out? Here are some of the reasons that should convince you to hire a mobile auto glass service the next time you see a chip on your car’s windshield.

1. Saves time

Sure, going to the dealer can fix the issue with your cracked windshield or chipped window pane, but it may take days for the dealer to return your car. However, an auto glass technician can provide on-site service in case of emergencies. You should treat windshield cracks as emergencies because you never know when you come across a speed breaker, and the jerking breaks the glass completely.

Auto glass companies are quick to respond. First, they ask about your car’s make and model and the extent of the damage. You may also need to send them pictures of the damage so that they can arrange for a new one as soon as possible.

2. Saves money

Honestly, working with an auto glass technician is not just a time-saver; it also saves a lot of money. Your car dealer will provide the same service at a much higher price. And most importantly, it won’t provide same-day service as an auto glass company. These companies use the latest tools in the industry to ensure that your windshield is free from cracks and chips and the window panes don’t have dents anywhere.

3. Stress-free service

Not seeing your car for a few days may upset you. But there’s no other choice if you give the car to your dealer to fix the crack on the window pane. Instead, calling your nearest auto glass company can spare you the stress of not seeing your car. They send technicians who can repair or replace the window panes on the same day.

4. High-quality service

Reputation is everything in today’s world. Even the best brands may go down if their reputation drops. And auto glass companies work their socks off to maintain a good reputation. Therefore, you can expect high-quality services every time you hire one of the technicians.

These reasons are enough to give an auto glass technician a chance to repair your car’s windshield or window panes. They go through years of education, hands-on training and use the latest tools to provide top-notch services without charging a high amount as car dealers.