Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What is AutoProsFinder?

AutoProsFinder is a free to use online tool that eases the dubious task of hiring a mobile mechanic or similarly an auto care technician. Incidentally, as local pros compete, users are able to land the best deals.

  • How do get started?

Simply create a profile and you can start sending vehicle service requests right away. Just let us know they type of work you need done by selecting the category that best matches your needs.

Once you have selected the proper category, you will be given the opportunity to provide a few more details that ensure you receive the most accurate estimates.

  • What happens once I post a service request for an estimate?

Your request in then provided to capable auto professionals in your surrounding area for the type of job that you specified.

Local professionals, whom have interest in your request, will begin posting their respective estimates to complete your request. Service requests expire either 1, 3, or 5 hours after posting. This is determined by you as an indication of how many quotes you’re interested in receiving for the request in question.

  • Will I get a bunch of phone calls from interested professionals?

No, local pros are not provided your phone number. Their only form of communication is within the AutoProsFinder tool.

Once you’ve selected one of the quotes, the awarded auto care professional is provided the phone number provided in your profile.

  • How should I go about choosing amongst the estimates I receive?

Each service request is unique and what matters for one request will not matter as much if at all for another. We encourage all of our users to take a look at each professional’s profile that provides an estimate. This step is essential in making sure that your potential selection has the right qualifications that you want in your auto professional such as up to date certifications and/or images of prior work.

  • How do I pay service professionals?

Once you’ve decided on a particular service professional to perform your request. Paying them online through AutoProsFinder is only one of several options. Some professionals will only accept payment through our platform, but it isn’t required. Users are encouraged to follow-up on how payment is collected with their chosen professional.