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Certified Mobile Mechanic: What Is An ASE Certified Mechanic And Why You Should Hire One

For the vast majority of automobile history, car owners have relied on repair shops to maintain their vehicles and repair any faults and damages. A chat with your grandfather or father about cars will reveal that they most likely had a preferred repair shop they would frequent to service their prized vehicles.

The proliferation of the internet aided by the mass availability of smartphones has changed the automobile repair and service industry. In the last decade, automobile mechanics have turned to the internet to aid their service delivery and meet the needs of their clients remotely. Initially, mechanics develop platforms and skills to help car owners diagnose faults and render some help remotely.

Over time, the capabilities of many vehicle repair companies evolved from rendering advice online to providing car owners with mobile repair services. It’s the norm to call a mobile mechanic to service your vehicle by the side of a road in an emergency or even at home. Customers have the flexibility of visiting a repair shop or calling a mechanic to their location.

That being said, the need for quality vehicle maintenance and repair service is still high. Whether you visit a repair shop or the mechanic brings the shop to you, every car owner wants the best mechanics working on their vehicle.

However, unlike yesteryears, where most people were loyal to one repair shop, calling a mobile mechanic means you entrust your car to a stranger. And for the most part, you will not have a clue about the mechanic’s history and quality of craftsmanship, leaving you vulnerable to hiring run-of-the-mill mechanics.

This is where ASE certification comes to your aid.

What Is ASE Certification?

Automotive Service Excellence, better known by the acronym ASE, is a national non-profit program designed to help vehicle owners find reliable and competent automotive mechanics. In the same light, the ASE certification allows the mechanics to stand out from the competition as it certifies their technical competence, skills, and experience in handling automotive repairs.

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence created the program in 1972, and it tests individual mechanics and not repair shops or companies. To attain the ASE certification, an individual mechanic must display a thorough understanding and mastery of automotive repairs. On their part, the ASE program rigorously tests the mechanics to ensure they meet the minimum standards of excellence. The ASE certification process is so rigorous that only 2/3 of the mechanics who take the test are certified.

For car owners, however, ASE certification effectively eliminates the guesswork involved in finding reliable mechanics. As such, when you request a mobile ASE-certified mechanic, you can rest assured they are competent, professional, and, most importantly, experienced.

How ASE Works

In many regards, ASE can be considered as the highest professional credential for automotive mechanics. As such, the ASE certification does not come easy. For a mechanic to apply for the certification, they must meet stringent criteria, including:

#1. Have at least 2 years of professional experience in the automotive repair industry. Alternatively, individuals can hold a 2-year degree in automotive repair and then complete 1-year of professional training.

#2. Study for and pass specialized ASE examinations that test one’s knowledge of vehicle components and systems. ASE administers both hands-on and written tests.

Depending on the specialty a mechanic want to pursue, they can take an exam for
– Engine repairs and engine performance,
– Brakes, steering, and suspensions,
– Automatic transmissions,
– Manual drive trains and transaxles,
– Heating and air conditioning and/or electronics/electrical systems.

These examinations are offered only twice a year, and candidates must prepare well to pass. Importantly, certified mechanics must retest after 5 years to ensure they understand the latest technological advancements and changes in vehicle systems and processes.

As such, you can rest assured that a certified mobile mechanic is not only dedicated to their craft but they are tested and proven to have the necessary competencies to repair your vehicle.

Why You Should Ensure Your Mobile Mechanic Is ASE Certified

In the years past, car owners will look for repair shops with the blue ASE-certified seal. It should be no different when you search for a mobile mechanic. In fact, when dealing with a mobile mechanic, you make ASE certification a priority before requesting a mechanic.

Keep in mind that the circumstance where you might need a mobile mechanic might involve an emergency. As such, you want an experienced mechanic with a proven track record of competently repairing cars. The ASE certification is proof that the mechanic has at the very least two years of automotive repairs. A non-certified mobile mechanic cannot guarantee that they have the required experience.

It’s important to note that ASE certification has an element of periodic retesting. After fives years, an ASE-certified mechanic is mandated to retest to maintain their certification. ASE mechanics must stay abreast with the latest developments in the automotive industry in order to maintain their certification.

This is essential for an industry that is dynamic and technologically evolving, and advancing every year. For car owners, when you request an ASE-certified mechanic, you can rest assured they are skilled and knowledgeable enough to work on your car.

It’s also important to note that the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence is more than a certification body for automotive mechanics. It’s a giant body of over 300,000 mechanics who share their extensive knowledge and experiences and continuously learn from each other. This has created a large body of knowledge that the mechanics share amongst themselves. As such, an ASE-certified mobile mechanic is knowledgeable in automotive repairs, which is vital for fast repairs when you have an emergency.

Finally, the ASE certification helps cultivate trust in your mobile mechanic. In any scenario where you need a mobile mechanic, you should trust your mechanic to fix any fault in your car. The last thing you want is to waste time with a mobile mechanic who cannot fix your car or does substandard work that the faults recur again.

Ultimately, for your peace of mind and the longevity of your vehicle, car owners are best served by ASE-certified mechanics. Should you need mobile automotive repair services, always ensure you request an ASE-certified mobile mechanic.