Why You Need Exterior & Interior Detailing for Your Car

Car washing is a habit that you should be doing once or twice a week, depending on the current season. Keeping a car spotless and shining bright is a great way to maintain its value in the long run. However, nothing can beat a proper car detailing job done by a professional with the right set of tools.

If you have been running your car through an automated car wash garage, you’ll want to stop. These facilities use damaging brushes that will scuff the paint job. Auto detailing is a better option, albeit more expensive than your traditional drive-through car wash for many reasons. These benefits are mostly part and parcel of the care and scrutinous process of cleaning the exterior and interior.

Here is more information on the superior form of automotive care:

Car Detailing is Done With Love

Detailing jobs are not just limited to a car wash and cleaning service. They entail the use of high-quality equipment and cleaning agents for restoring a vehicle’s paint to its original shine. Automotive paint comes in layers from the factory. Running this through potent chemical agents and dirty scrubbers will slowly eat away at the protective coating.

Many people turn to car detailing services due to the handiwork done by professionals. There is nothing automated, as both the interior and exterior are carefully worked on by hand using proper tools. A mobile auto detailing service will get into the deepest cracks and crevices of your vehicle using vacuums, brushes, and high-quality cleaning agents to give it a deep clean.

The interior will be cared for, as this is an often neglected and overlooked area of the vehicle. We always track plenty of dirt and dust into a car’s interior, which settles and can damage materials if not removed. Whether your vehicle has leather, fabric, alcantara, or other materials for the seats and accent pieces, interior detailing will be cared for by a mobile auto detailing service.

Exterior Detailing Processes

When dealing with automotive paint, this is more than what you see in hardware stores. They are specialized paints that contain a mix that only dealerships and specialist stores carry. Once this fades, this becomes an expensive repaint and retouch job. One faded area means that you may have to paint the entire exterior to make the paint job even.

Car detailing for exteriors will include washing and drying all areas of the car by hand. This is followed by detailing products like clay bars, polishing products, and a sealant to keep the shine in for an extended time. Some services that come with it can also be engine bay cleaning, trim touch-ups, headlight polishing, and glass hydrophobic coating.

Interior Detailing Processes

Vacuums will be used to clean the interior of a car as the initial step. It should suck up all the dust and dirt pieces that have built up over time. Brushes and steam cleaners will then be used to scrub floor mats to remove stains from the outside environment, eliminating bacterial growth. Glass cleaning will restore the crisp imaging seen from inside the car and remove any smudges and dirt. Then, leather trims will be cleaned using the right soap products. The trims are then cleaned, and the interior is perfumed to give it a pleasant scent.


The amount of care and love put into detailing a car is enough evidence to show that it is worth it compared to running your vehicle lazily through a drive-through car wash. By investing in the services of a proper mobile auto detailing professional service, your car’s shine will be preserved and will keep looking its best.

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Professional Car Detailing – Why You Should Invest in It

Cars are by no means cheap. Even the most inexpensive vehicles available cost a couple of thousand dollars to purchase—and there’s the maintenance to think of above that!

Every so often, you might find yourself wanting to buy a brand new one—after all, new models mean new functionalities! To ease the overhead costs, you will probably need to sell off your old vehicle. If everything is running smoothly internally, and you have always driven safely and never pushed the car to its limits, then you can fetch a decent price for it.

However, if your car’s exterior looks poorly maintained, you may still have difficulties selling it off. Whether or not you decide to sell the car or not, a faded paint job with a lot of scuffs and scratches is not very nice to look at! Keeping your car looking fresh and brand new is not something a lot of people do, which is why you will want to invest in car detailing services as often as possible.

The Benefits Of Car Detailing

Car detailing services go more than just the wax coating and the deep cleaning procedure that regular car washes perform. Car washes are often rushed processes that only entail the use of water and some soap. It is even worse if you utilize drive-through car washes to have your vehicle cleaned, as these have sponges and fabrics full of dirt that can scratch your paint!

Car washing is also typically only done to the exterior, which is what makes it different from a proper auto detailing service. With detailing, all the smallest parts of the car are washed and cleaned—as well as a professional interior detailing process to clean any dirt tracked inside your vehicle.

Car detailing professionals are the ones who carry out these procedures, as they have extensive knowledge on how to restore your automobile to factory default freshness. Thanks to the specialized cleaning agents and other kinds of expensive equipment, your car will stay shiny and fresh for a longer period than a regular car could result in.

Why An Interior Detailing Service Is Essential

Interiors can get quite dirty over time. If you often find yourself outdoors, working during the winter, eating and drinking in your car, or any activity that brings dirt into your car will be detrimental to your interiors.

A professional detailing service will utilize a number of tools to clean your interior seats, carpets, door panels, windows, and the dashboard. By using tools like vacuums, specialty brushes, steam cleaners, and others to offer a deep clean, your interior will look and smell better—if not feeling like it’s brand new! Detailers will often find that the trunk, seat, and carpets often gather a lot of dirt and grime over months of use, as well as the panels looking worse for wear.

Cleaning the interior will also remove the presence of germs and bacteria in your car, as these can multiply fast and cause infections. When people spend an hour or more in their vehicles a day, this is not something you want to leave unattended!

What About Exterior Detailing?

Your car’s exterior is what people see every day. If you leave your car unclean and full of grime for weeks on end, people are likely going to look at you differently. A clean car is often said to be a reflection of a person and their personality, which is why keeping it spotless is essential in owning a vehicle.

Not only does this look good to other people, but it boosts the value of your car when you plan to sell it. As mentioned above, no matter what the condition of your car’s interior mechanics is, people are more likely to buy a car that has been cared for in terms of the exterior!


A professional detailing service will be of great help, as these can restore the look of your car to a brand new aesthetic. This cleanliness will offer a higher value, a cleaner overall appearance, as well as promote better health in terms of the eradication of harmful bacteria.

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