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3 Tips to Help You Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

For most car lovers out there, the effort to keep the car looking spanking new at all times is a constant challenge. In fact, some even are reluctant to bring the car out for a drive for the simple fact that they want to keep their vehicle looking brand new at all times. Unfortunately, this is no way to treat the car. After all, a car is built to be driven and enjoyed, and it won’t do anything of that other than simply looking nice when idle.

With that being said, when the car does get dirty, what should be done? Should you wash the car, or is there something else you can do? In this article, we’ll give you the answers you need to keep your vehicle pristine:

1. Wash the Car

Yes, there is no way around this. Even if your vehicle sits in the cleanest of the garage, it will collect dust over time. As such, whether you leave it in the garage or take it out for a drive, washing the vehicle is a must.

That said, the big question is how often you should wash the vehicle. The answer to that will depend on what kind of dirt and grime your vehicle constantly faces. If your car is continuously bombarded with bird droppings, tree saps, mud, and stuff like that, you can consider washing it once a week. On the other hand, if the car is relatively clean, cleaning it once a month should suffice.

2. Get It Waxed

Just like how your car needs to be washed once in a while, your vehicle also needs to be waxed. However, it doesn’t need to be waxed as often as it needs washing. In most cases, if you run the bead test, which is throwing some water to the car to see if the water beads up, and see that the water beads up, then you don’t need wax. However, if you see them simply run off, you will need to get the car waxed.

On average, you can expect to wax the car once every three months or so but do run the bead test every time you wash to get a gist of how long your wax lasts.

3. Clay the Vehicle

The term “claying the car” may be new to you, and we do not blame you. It is a relatively new thing, and with it only recently being introduced to the public, not many car owners will know about it. Essentially, claying is the method of using clay bars to polish or buff the vehicle. In addition, the clay also latches onto any dirt particles stuck to the paint, cleaning it in the process.

As to how often you should clay the vehicle, doing it once or twice a year should be enough. Generally, if you feel like your car’s paint is “rough,” it needs some claying. Just don’t forget to wax the vehicle after!


There are plenty of other things you can do to keep your vehicle looking like it just came out of the factory. Things like conditioning your leather seats to cleaning the engine bay are just some of the many things you can do! That being said, if you really want the max TLC for your vehicle, we highly recommend reaching out to professional cleaners and more to restore your vehicle to its former glory. They’ll ensure your vehicle is cleaned and maintained in the best way possible, allowing you to once more drive in the car you have loved driving since day one. is a free online tool to help you submit your vehicle-service needs for professionals to discover and offer their services to you. If you require car cleaning services in the US, share your needs on our platform and get the mobile car wash you need today!