Oil Change

2 Reasons Cheap Oil Changes Aren’t Worth It – What to Know

Among the different tasks and routines that you need to deal with for your vehicle maintenance, oil changes can prove to be the most complicated and costly of the bunch.

No matter what kind of car you’re driving, how your driving style is like, or how often you drive, you’ll always need to change your oil sooner or later. Although it may seem like something that makes a menial difference at first, this is the same job that ensures your car runs properly without any stuttering or sloppy acceleration.

The biggest mistake with oil changes you need to worry about

As you go through your car maintenance checklist and tick off all the little tasks along the way, you’re bound to arrive at that point where you’ll need to get a change sooner or later. Like all other tasks, actually getting your fluids swapped out all boils down to choosing the right service provider based on various factors that will determine your experience.

Among all the different details that you’ll need to worry about, the cost is the primary force that will have the final say and the biggest impact on your experience. Although every driver needs to narrow down their options by going over the price tag of potential services, arriving at a final decision because it’s the cheapest one is the biggest mistake.

Why being cheap isn’t the best decision to make

Admittedly, it can be tempting to go for the cheapest option when you get an oil change because you’d expect that it doesn’t make a big difference. Here are two possible outcomes that can go wrong with going for a cheap change:

1. You will leave your car in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing

The biggest problem that comes with getting a cheap oil change is that it almost always results in having someone inexperienced work on your pride and joy.

Although many may argue that the tasks and materials used in this routinary procedure are the same with any service being offered, being cheap also means skimping on the factors that matter. When you take the “economical” route, you end up missing out on the more valuable things like experience, care, and expertise—all of which will help you get the best driving experience possible!

2. Your car will become more prone to breakdowns

Speaking of inexperience, getting a cheap “bargain” oil change is something that you should avoid at all costs because it ends up causing your car to become more prone to breakdowns.

Often, cheap replacements end up subjecting a car to different fumbles that shave some shelf life off the oil itself or leave underlying problems along the way that explode after a short period. In fact, the lack of experience and expertise that comes at the expense of a few saved dollars will eventually result in thousands to tens of thousands in additional expenses and repairs!


As tantalizing as it seems to get the cheapest option for your car’s oil change, it’s worth noting that the measly amount that you save with a “bargain” pick isn’t worth the trouble you’ll be getting after. Instead of being a cheap car owner seeking to save as much money as possible, treating this procedure as more of an investment than an expense will immensely serve your car in the long run!

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