Certifications for Pros Glass Repair

Mobile Auto Glass Service: What You Need to Know

Small things matter a lot in life. A crack in your car’s windshield, a chip on the rear glass, a niggle on the side window – these problems may seem small enough to ignore. But they may come back to haunt you later. Not fixing them on time and ignoring the problems for too long may result in a hefty repair bill. In fact, delaying the repair work increases the risks of the glass shattering. And not to mention, you will get a ticket if the police catch you with a cracked windshield.

But where do you go when you face such a problem? Your nearest car repair technician? Or maybe to the car’s dealer? Well, these may seem obvious options, but the person that you really need to go to is an auto glass technician. He is a specialist at repairing windshields and car glasses.

Auto glass technician certifications

An auto glass technician goes through years of education and training before he becomes a specialist. The combination of hands-on training and theoretical knowledge about fixing windshields and repairing window panes give enough experience to the technicians to start working as professionals once they complete their degree program. Here’s a breakdown of the auto glass repair accreditation course.

The technicians complete formal training in collision repair from a technical school or community college. Most of these institutions provide a 1-year certificate or a 2-year associate’s degree program. The programs strictly focus on various aspects of a car, such as repairing windshields and window panes, replacing them within a few hours, auto body structural repair, minor collision repair, and metal insert glass welding. This degree program develops the technician’s base to ensure that he can detect the problem just by looking at it.

Next, the technicians gain employment in a local auto repair shop to get hands-on training from the best in the business. The on-job training may last for six months or, sometimes, a year. It’s after a successful on-job-training program that the technicians receive their professional certificates. Spending almost 2 to 3 years in learning about the technicalities of auto glass and then getting hands-on training, provide adequate knowledge and experience to these technicians that enable them to work as an expert in an auto glass repair company.

Why should you hire an auto glass technician?

Safety first is the rule when you drive a car. And that applies to the windshield and side windows too. It’s risky to drive a car that has chipped windows and a cracked windshield. Of course, repairing the glasses and windshield is necessary, but why should you hire an auto glass technician? With the car’s dealer at your service, what makes an auto glass technician stand out? Here are some of the reasons that should convince you to hire a mobile auto glass service the next time you see a chip on your car’s windshield.

1. Saves time

Sure, going to the dealer can fix the issue with your cracked windshield or chipped window pane, but it may take days for the dealer to return your car. However, an auto glass technician can provide on-site service in case of emergencies. You should treat windshield cracks as emergencies because you never know when you come across a speed breaker, and the jerking breaks the glass completely.

Auto glass companies are quick to respond. First, they ask about your car’s make and model and the extent of the damage. You may also need to send them pictures of the damage so that they can arrange for a new one as soon as possible.

2. Saves money

Honestly, working with an auto glass technician is not just a time-saver; it also saves a lot of money. Your car dealer will provide the same service at a much higher price. And most importantly, it won’t provide same-day service as an auto glass company. These companies use the latest tools in the industry to ensure that your windshield is free from cracks and chips and the window panes don’t have dents anywhere.

3. Stress-free service

Not seeing your car for a few days may upset you. But there’s no other choice if you give the car to your dealer to fix the crack on the window pane. Instead, calling your nearest auto glass company can spare you the stress of not seeing your car. They send technicians who can repair or replace the window panes on the same day.

4. High-quality service

Reputation is everything in today’s world. Even the best brands may go down if their reputation drops. And auto glass companies work their socks off to maintain a good reputation. Therefore, you can expect high-quality services every time you hire one of the technicians.

These reasons are enough to give an auto glass technician a chance to repair your car’s windshield or window panes. They go through years of education, hands-on training and use the latest tools to provide top-notch services without charging a high amount as car dealers.

Cleaning Detailing

3 Tips to Help You Keep Your Car Looking Brand New

For most car lovers out there, the effort to keep the car looking spanking new at all times is a constant challenge. In fact, some even are reluctant to bring the car out for a drive for the simple fact that they want to keep their vehicle looking brand new at all times. Unfortunately, this is no way to treat the car. After all, a car is built to be driven and enjoyed, and it won’t do anything of that other than simply looking nice when idle.

With that being said, when the car does get dirty, what should be done? Should you wash the car, or is there something else you can do? In this article, we’ll give you the answers you need to keep your vehicle pristine:

1. Wash the Car

Yes, there is no way around this. Even if your vehicle sits in the cleanest of the garage, it will collect dust over time. As such, whether you leave it in the garage or take it out for a drive, washing the vehicle is a must.

That said, the big question is how often you should wash the vehicle. The answer to that will depend on what kind of dirt and grime your vehicle constantly faces. If your car is continuously bombarded with bird droppings, tree saps, mud, and stuff like that, you can consider washing it once a week. On the other hand, if the car is relatively clean, cleaning it once a month should suffice.

2. Get It Waxed

Just like how your car needs to be washed once in a while, your vehicle also needs to be waxed. However, it doesn’t need to be waxed as often as it needs washing. In most cases, if you run the bead test, which is throwing some water to the car to see if the water beads up, and see that the water beads up, then you don’t need wax. However, if you see them simply run off, you will need to get the car waxed.

On average, you can expect to wax the car once every three months or so but do run the bead test every time you wash to get a gist of how long your wax lasts.

3. Clay the Vehicle

The term “claying the car” may be new to you, and we do not blame you. It is a relatively new thing, and with it only recently being introduced to the public, not many car owners will know about it. Essentially, claying is the method of using clay bars to polish or buff the vehicle. In addition, the clay also latches onto any dirt particles stuck to the paint, cleaning it in the process.

As to how often you should clay the vehicle, doing it once or twice a year should be enough. Generally, if you feel like your car’s paint is “rough,” it needs some claying. Just don’t forget to wax the vehicle after!


There are plenty of other things you can do to keep your vehicle looking like it just came out of the factory. Things like conditioning your leather seats to cleaning the engine bay are just some of the many things you can do! That being said, if you really want the max TLC for your vehicle, we highly recommend reaching out to professional cleaners and more to restore your vehicle to its former glory. They’ll ensure your vehicle is cleaned and maintained in the best way possible, allowing you to once more drive in the car you have loved driving since day one. is a free online tool to help you submit your vehicle-service needs for professionals to discover and offer their services to you. If you require car cleaning services in the US, share your needs on our platform and get the mobile car wash you need today!

Certifications for Pros Mobile Mechanic

Certified Mobile Mechanic: What Is An ASE Certified Mechanic And Why You Should Hire One

For the vast majority of automobile history, car owners have relied on repair shops to maintain their vehicles and repair any faults and damages. A chat with your grandfather or father about cars will reveal that they most likely had a preferred repair shop they would frequent to service their prized vehicles.

The proliferation of the internet aided by the mass availability of smartphones has changed the automobile repair and service industry. In the last decade, automobile mechanics have turned to the internet to aid their service delivery and meet the needs of their clients remotely. Initially, mechanics develop platforms and skills to help car owners diagnose faults and render some help remotely.

Over time, the capabilities of many vehicle repair companies evolved from rendering advice online to providing car owners with mobile repair services. It’s the norm to call a mobile mechanic to service your vehicle by the side of a road in an emergency or even at home. Customers have the flexibility of visiting a repair shop or calling a mechanic to their location.

That being said, the need for quality vehicle maintenance and repair service is still high. Whether you visit a repair shop or the mechanic brings the shop to you, every car owner wants the best mechanics working on their vehicle.

However, unlike yesteryears, where most people were loyal to one repair shop, calling a mobile mechanic means you entrust your car to a stranger. And for the most part, you will not have a clue about the mechanic’s history and quality of craftsmanship, leaving you vulnerable to hiring run-of-the-mill mechanics.

This is where ASE certification comes to your aid.

What Is ASE Certification?

Automotive Service Excellence, better known by the acronym ASE, is a national non-profit program designed to help vehicle owners find reliable and competent automotive mechanics. In the same light, the ASE certification allows the mechanics to stand out from the competition as it certifies their technical competence, skills, and experience in handling automotive repairs.

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence created the program in 1972, and it tests individual mechanics and not repair shops or companies. To attain the ASE certification, an individual mechanic must display a thorough understanding and mastery of automotive repairs. On their part, the ASE program rigorously tests the mechanics to ensure they meet the minimum standards of excellence. The ASE certification process is so rigorous that only 2/3 of the mechanics who take the test are certified.

For car owners, however, ASE certification effectively eliminates the guesswork involved in finding reliable mechanics. As such, when you request a mobile ASE-certified mechanic, you can rest assured they are competent, professional, and, most importantly, experienced.

How ASE Works

In many regards, ASE can be considered as the highest professional credential for automotive mechanics. As such, the ASE certification does not come easy. For a mechanic to apply for the certification, they must meet stringent criteria, including:

#1. Have at least 2 years of professional experience in the automotive repair industry. Alternatively, individuals can hold a 2-year degree in automotive repair and then complete 1-year of professional training.

#2. Study for and pass specialized ASE examinations that test one’s knowledge of vehicle components and systems. ASE administers both hands-on and written tests.

Depending on the specialty a mechanic want to pursue, they can take an exam for
– Engine repairs and engine performance,
– Brakes, steering, and suspensions,
– Automatic transmissions,
– Manual drive trains and transaxles,
– Heating and air conditioning and/or electronics/electrical systems.

These examinations are offered only twice a year, and candidates must prepare well to pass. Importantly, certified mechanics must retest after 5 years to ensure they understand the latest technological advancements and changes in vehicle systems and processes.

As such, you can rest assured that a certified mobile mechanic is not only dedicated to their craft but they are tested and proven to have the necessary competencies to repair your vehicle.

Why You Should Ensure Your Mobile Mechanic Is ASE Certified

In the years past, car owners will look for repair shops with the blue ASE-certified seal. It should be no different when you search for a mobile mechanic. In fact, when dealing with a mobile mechanic, you make ASE certification a priority before requesting a mechanic.

Keep in mind that the circumstance where you might need a mobile mechanic might involve an emergency. As such, you want an experienced mechanic with a proven track record of competently repairing cars. The ASE certification is proof that the mechanic has at the very least two years of automotive repairs. A non-certified mobile mechanic cannot guarantee that they have the required experience.

It’s important to note that ASE certification has an element of periodic retesting. After fives years, an ASE-certified mechanic is mandated to retest to maintain their certification. ASE mechanics must stay abreast with the latest developments in the automotive industry in order to maintain their certification.

This is essential for an industry that is dynamic and technologically evolving, and advancing every year. For car owners, when you request an ASE-certified mechanic, you can rest assured they are skilled and knowledgeable enough to work on your car.

It’s also important to note that the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence is more than a certification body for automotive mechanics. It’s a giant body of over 300,000 mechanics who share their extensive knowledge and experiences and continuously learn from each other. This has created a large body of knowledge that the mechanics share amongst themselves. As such, an ASE-certified mobile mechanic is knowledgeable in automotive repairs, which is vital for fast repairs when you have an emergency.

Finally, the ASE certification helps cultivate trust in your mobile mechanic. In any scenario where you need a mobile mechanic, you should trust your mechanic to fix any fault in your car. The last thing you want is to waste time with a mobile mechanic who cannot fix your car or does substandard work that the faults recur again.

Ultimately, for your peace of mind and the longevity of your vehicle, car owners are best served by ASE-certified mechanics. Should you need mobile automotive repair services, always ensure you request an ASE-certified mobile mechanic.

Tire Services

What Are Some of the Most Common Causes of Flat Tires

The last thing you want to happen when you are driving is getting a flat tire. Aside from being a nuisance, flat tires can be dangerous to people inside the car, on the street, and in other vehicles. The best defense against flats is knowing what causes them. This article will enumerate the main reasons you might need a tire change service, so you can reduce the chances of encountering them.

1: Sharp Objects

The most obvious reason for getting flat tires is due to sharp objects, such as nails, glass shards, industrial staples, screws, and other similar items. These objects are often seen in areas near garbage disposals where debris is scattered on the road. If you see any sharp objects on the road or parking lot, avoid them if you can. If you drive near construction sites, make sure to watch out for these items.

2: Worn-Out Tires

Sometimes your tire does not need any physical trigger to go flat. Tires, especially when overused, can get worn out over time. The wear and tear are enough to cause them to go flat. This degradation also adds to the tire’s sensitivity, making it susceptible to hazards on the road. Here are the simple things you can do to avoid this situation:

• Avoid quick starts and stops.
• Stick to a regular schedule for wheel alignment and rotation for your vehicle.
• Keep your tire pressure at the level recommended for your car.

3: Leak From the Valve Stem

Some tires would look physically okay from the outside but have a leaky and damaged valve stem inside. Internal problems occur when the valve stem becomes too dirty or too old. Make sure to specifically ask your mechanic to look into your valve stem during regular car maintenance.

4: Too Much Air Pressure

Improper inflation is also a reason for a possible flat tire. Too much air can cause internal damage to your tire, resulting in severe accidents and injuries. Make sure that you have your car tire pressure checked as part of your routine car maintenance or at least once a month.

5: Bad Road Condition

No matter how good a driver you are, you will encounter road hazards that can damage your tires. Bad roads come in many forms. There are roads with potholes, uneven paths, and sharp debris that can ruin your tires, wheels, and axles. Here are some tips that can help you avoid tire damage if you have no choice but to drive over or through hazards:

• Drive slowly.
• Keep your car far away from the vehicle in front of you, so you have more reaction time when driving through potholes and bumps.
• Safely maneuver around these road hazards.

6: Vandalism

Unfortunately, some people have bad intentions. Some pranks other people by messing with their cars for no good reason. One common trick is letting out air from other people’s tires, resulting in flats or uneven inflation.

If you become a victim of vandalism, the solution you need is simple and easy. You only need to reinflate your tire, and you would be good to drive again. To avoid this, park your car in an environment safe from potential threats.


No one wants to get a flat tire, but it can happen to anyone at any time. Make sure to always check your tires before you drive, especially when going for a long drive. Be safe when driving and follow the essential procedures if you encounter a flat tire.

Should you need a mobile tire service, we are here to help. can get your car moving again. We can connect you with quality and trusted mobile tire service companies in your area to come and fix your vehicle.

Cleaning Detailing

2 Affordable Ways to Make Your Used Car Look Brand New

Buying a used car allows you to enjoy the convenience of having your own vehicle for a fraction of the price of a new one. You save yourself from paying exaggerated fees and get lower insurance premiums. However, you might be concerned with its aesthetic appeal, quality, and functionality.

Fortunately, there are many ways to make your pre-owned car look brand new again. Best of all, they are affordable and easy to do, such as the following:

1. Car washing

Some car sellers who want to get rid of their vehicle fast no longer bother to have them cleaned before putting them on the market. They simply slap a “For Sale” sign on the windshield and call it a day.

You might still be interested in buying that used car if you think that it is your best option. When buying this kind of vehicle, you can easily get rid of its accumulated dust, dirt, and other debris by seeking top-notch car cleaning services.

You don’t need to ask for recommendations or do the research all on your own. Our free online tool can help you find experienced professionals who can make your vehicle’s exterior as clean as possible with a good car wash. Best of all, they will come to you wherever you are, so you can enjoy truly convenient service.

You can get a simple wash that cleans your used car’s exterior using soap, brushes, and water. On the other hand, a premium wash may include wheel cleaning, an undercarriage wash, vacuuming of the interior, or the application of a clear-coat protector.

2. Car detailing

Car detailing makes your used car’s interior spick-and-span and well-maintained. It also makes driving more enjoyable.

When you reach out to us, we can connect you with professionals who specialize in mobile car detailing. We provide you with quotes based on your request and you can select the service that best suits your needs.

Your selected car technician(s) will come to you regardless of your location. After the service, you can ensure that your second-hand car will be left sparkling clean and looking brand new.

While it is more expensive than a car wash, car detailing offers a more meticulous and detail-oriented treatment. This service includes the following:

● Waxing
● Headlight restoration
● Paint polishing and touch-ups
● Interior deep cleaning
● Thorough carpet washing
● Engine cleaning


A car is one of the biggest purchases you can make. Whether you are interested in saving money or want the appeal of used vehicles, you can spruce up your second-hand car and make it look and feel brand new without burning a hole in your pocket. Follow the tips mentioned above and make sure to work only with reliable car professionals.

If you need local pros who will come to you, use our online free tool. We can help you find qualified experts who offer car wash and detail, car locksmith, mobile decal and wrap, mobile dent repair, and around the US. Get a free quote today!


What to Do When You Lose Your Car Keys

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to any driver is losing their car keys. Not only does this render the vehicle unusable, but the process of getting a copy can be long and complicated, especially if you have no idea how to handle the situation.

Luckily, there are professionals at the ready who handle this sort of thing: locksmiths. If you’ve locked yourself out, don’t panic! Pat your pockets and check your bags. If you still haven’t been able to find your keys, read on. This handy guide will help you handle getting a replacement key for your vehicle.

The different types of car keys

Different car models often have different car keys, and as such require different solutions. It can depend on the manufacturer or the year that the car came out. In any case, here is a list of specific solutions to the different types of keys:

Traditional car keys. A locksmith should be able to make you a new key right on the spot, but older or unusual vehicles might require contacting the dealer for a new key and ignition lock cylinder.
Car key fob. Your key is still a viable option in this case, but you may have to buy a new fob. There are plenty of products that are easily programmable.
Transponder key. People who don’t carry a spare will have to call the dealership and have their vehicle towed. Make sure to have your proof of ownership on your person when you arrange this.
Car key fob and switchblade key. Your local dealership can provide you with a new key and fob. You may be able to order this online as well if you are in no rush.
Smart key. If you do not possess a backup key, you will have to ask your car to be towed to the dealership. You will be provided with a new key which will then be paired with your vehicle.

What if I have to move my car?

If your car happens to be blocking a driveway or obstructing other vehicles in a similar way, you might have to move it before the locksmith or tow truck arrives. Luckily, there is a general procedure that is applicable to most vehicles that can keep your moving parts safe while you push it. Follow this process to prevent damaging your internal mechanisms while moving your vehicle:

1. Put up wheel blocks

This can prevent your car from rolling and causing injury or maybe even fatalities. Even with the handbrake on, it is still possible for a vehicle to continue rolling along. As such, it is important to have wheel blocks ready. If you do not have any, a pair of large rocks will work as a temporary solution.

2. Find the transmission

With the help and supervision of a friend, it shouldn’t be too hard to find the transmission under your vehicle. You may need a flashlight to find the transmission, which is usually near the engine. We reiterate, let a friend help with this process as it can be dangerous.

3. Find the cable

Disable the transmission by finding the cable that runs alongside it. The right cable will be connected to a switch. Disconnect this cable and push the switch backwards until the second click. This level should be pushed towards the back, and not the front. Once you have done this, you should be able to move your vehicle safely.

4. Push and move the car

After you’re safely out from under the vehicle, remove the wheel blocks and push the vehicle to a safe location.

In conclusion

Losing your keys is always an inconvenience, but luckily there are procedures in place for its replacement. Sometimes, the problem can be solved by a locksmith, but other times you will need the professional help of your local dealership. Whatever the case may be, make sure to take the right steps to ensure your safety and the safety of others through these procedures.

Oil Change

3 Common Questions About Oil Changes That You Need To Know

One of the most crucial aspects of being a good car owner is performing basic maintenance tasks. It’s not enough that you can handle your vehicle while on the road; you should also be able to ascertain to a respectable degree that your vehicle is safe to drive. Besides helping to keep the road safe for other drivers and pedestrians, properly maintaining your vehicle also helps ensure the longevity of your car in the long run.

1. What are oil changes?

One of the most important maintenance tasks that you can do for your car is changing your oil regularly. When talking about oil changes, most car enthusiasts are referring to changing a vehicle’s engine oil.

This is an important distinction to make, as there are actually several kinds of oil present in a particular vehicle, all of which perform specific functions. For its part, the engine oil is responsible for lubricating your engine and regulating its temperature to ensure full functionality. Provided that your engine has no design problems and does not suffer damage from accidents like a collision, regular oil changes are all it typically needs to last more than 100,000 miles.

Changing your oil is one of the simplest yet crucial maintenance tasks that you can do for your car. However, if you’re not comfortable with tinkering around your engine or just don’t have the proper tools, you should leave it to professionals to handle.

If you don’t have a mechanic yet, you can use our service to book a mobile oil change.

2. How often do I need to change my engine oil?

Nobody knows your engine better than the vehicle manufacturer—so it’s best to consult your manual to truly know the specific answer to this question. If your car didn’t come with a manual when you bought it, you could try looking it up on the internet or asking a mechanic. This is especially important if the car itself is older, as it may have different requirements than more modern engines!

The type of oil that you use matters as well. If you use conventional oil, then you’ll need to change it every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. However, you can typically get away with up to 10,000 to 15,000 miles in between oil changes if you use fully synthetic oil! That being said, not all engines do well with synthetic oils. For this reason, it’s best to consult a mechanic or book a mobile oil change service from a specialist instead.

3. I bought my vehicle second hand. How do I know if it needs an oil change?

The best way to know is to ask the previous owner. However, if there’s any doubt in your mind, the most prudent thing to do is to change the oil anyway and take note of the mileage when filled it in with fresh oil. This way, you’ll never miss an oil change again!

It’s also a good idea to inspect the state of the oil and its levels periodically. You can do this using your engine’s dipstick, which is in the left portion of the engine in most models. Assuming that your car is parked on level ground, pulling out the dipstick should allow you to inspect the color and levels of the oil.

Once you’ve located your dipstick, pull it out, wipe it down with a clean rag, put it back inside its metal tube, and pull it out again. Most dipsticks will have two lines indicating the oil levels. Anywhere in between the two lines is fine—but it’s always better to have it filled.

Once you’ve checked the levels, inspect the oil itself as well. Fresh oil will be transparent and have a smooth consistency. Having oil that’s turned black is not always a sign for concern, as all oil turns black eventually if it’s been used regularly. However, if it also comes with gritty and solid particles, then it’s best to consult a mechanic immediately!


We cannot stress this enough: be diligent in your oil changes. As mentioned before, barring any external damage, all an engine really needs to maintain its longevity are consistent oil changes. Remember that the engine is typically the most expensive part of a car, while oil is cheap. Therefore, it makes sense to stick to a consistent oil change schedule for engine longevity.

AutoProsFinder is a free online tool that matches mechanics to people in need of their services. Whether you need a mobile oil change, a paint job, or even a serious modification, you can count on AutoProsFinder to help you find a local pro that can provide the service you need. Register today to get a free quote!


Why You Need Exterior & Interior Detailing for Your Car

Car washing is a habit that you should be doing once or twice a week, depending on the current season. Keeping a car spotless and shining bright is a great way to maintain its value in the long run. However, nothing can beat a proper car detailing job done by a professional with the right set of tools.

If you have been running your car through an automated car wash garage, you’ll want to stop. These facilities use damaging brushes that will scuff the paint job. Auto detailing is a better option, albeit more expensive than your traditional drive-through car wash for many reasons. These benefits are mostly part and parcel of the care and scrutinous process of cleaning the exterior and interior.

Here is more information on the superior form of automotive care:

Car Detailing is Done With Love

Detailing jobs are not just limited to a car wash and cleaning service. They entail the use of high-quality equipment and cleaning agents for restoring a vehicle’s paint to its original shine. Automotive paint comes in layers from the factory. Running this through potent chemical agents and dirty scrubbers will slowly eat away at the protective coating.

Many people turn to car detailing services due to the handiwork done by professionals. There is nothing automated, as both the interior and exterior are carefully worked on by hand using proper tools. A mobile auto detailing service will get into the deepest cracks and crevices of your vehicle using vacuums, brushes, and high-quality cleaning agents to give it a deep clean.

The interior will be cared for, as this is an often neglected and overlooked area of the vehicle. We always track plenty of dirt and dust into a car’s interior, which settles and can damage materials if not removed. Whether your vehicle has leather, fabric, alcantara, or other materials for the seats and accent pieces, interior detailing will be cared for by a mobile auto detailing service.

Exterior Detailing Processes

When dealing with automotive paint, this is more than what you see in hardware stores. They are specialized paints that contain a mix that only dealerships and specialist stores carry. Once this fades, this becomes an expensive repaint and retouch job. One faded area means that you may have to paint the entire exterior to make the paint job even.

Car detailing for exteriors will include washing and drying all areas of the car by hand. This is followed by detailing products like clay bars, polishing products, and a sealant to keep the shine in for an extended time. Some services that come with it can also be engine bay cleaning, trim touch-ups, headlight polishing, and glass hydrophobic coating.

Interior Detailing Processes

Vacuums will be used to clean the interior of a car as the initial step. It should suck up all the dust and dirt pieces that have built up over time. Brushes and steam cleaners will then be used to scrub floor mats to remove stains from the outside environment, eliminating bacterial growth. Glass cleaning will restore the crisp imaging seen from inside the car and remove any smudges and dirt. Then, leather trims will be cleaned using the right soap products. The trims are then cleaned, and the interior is perfumed to give it a pleasant scent.


The amount of care and love put into detailing a car is enough evidence to show that it is worth it compared to running your vehicle lazily through a drive-through car wash. By investing in the services of a proper mobile auto detailing professional service, your car’s shine will be preserved and will keep looking its best.

AutoProsFinder is a free online tool that can assist you in finding the best mobile auto detailing services in your area. With a proper system setup for local automotive professionals to submit quotes in response to your requests and provide mobile automotive-related services at the location of your convenience, there is something valuable for all car owners. Take a look at the list of services offered for convenient and cost-effective procedures.

Mobile Mechanic

What To Know About Hiring Mobile Auto Mechanic Services

Bringing in a car for repairs can feel like a chore, especially if you have a tight schedule every day. Fortunately, some innovations make the entire process more convenient. For instance, mobile auto mechanics can deliver car repair services straight to where you are. To get the most out of your mobile car repair service, keep in mind these tips on providing your mechanic a safe and efficient work environment.

Park Your Vehicle On A Paved Surface

Park your car on a flat, paved surface so the mechanic can quickly and safely maneuver it if necessary. If you have a garage or carport, it is best to have your care there for servicing. Driveways and parking lots are also suitable. Keep the mechanic and the vehicle safe by avoiding parking on a steep hill, unpaved surface, or a busy street.

Provide Easy Access And Parking To The Mechanic

Most mobile mechanics use trucks or vans to carry their equipment. As such, they would need a space where they can park their vehicle. It can be challenging to provide space if you live in an apartment complex or a building with limited parking. If you have this kind of living arrangement, you have to find a safe area nearby where the mechanic can park the van.

If you live in a gated community, you have to provide the van access. Tell the gatekeeper or the security personnel that you’re expecting repair services, and provide them with your mobile mechanic’s information. If you are having your vehicle serviced elsewhere, like at work, inform the property manager of the building beforehand.

Describe In Detail Your Car’s Issue

When hiring a mobile mechanic, it helps to include as many details as you can. Report any strange or unusual noises, leaks, and symptoms. Also, tell the mechanic when these issues began and how they seem to be affecting your car. Providing them with details like your VIN or Vehicle Identification Number will go a long way in ensuring they have the parts for your car model. Mobile mechanics will also ask you for the day and time that works best for you.

Take Note Of The Services And Repairs They Offer

Mobile auto mechanics can perform routine maintenance on-site, like air filter or brake pad replacements, oil changes, and battery replacements. Besides these, they can also perform alternator or coolant hose replacements and other common repairs. Some jobs require a shop with a lift, though, like an engine or transmission rebuild. For jobs like these, it is best to go to a physical auto repair shop.

Getting A Mobile Mechanic

If you want even more efficiency and convenience in sourcing your mechanic, you can use services that aggregate quotes from different sources online. These places can give you information and provide quotes based on your request, sourced from various mobile mechanics online. If you use an aggregating tool or service, you can select the quote that matches your needs.


Hiring a mobile auto mechanic is a convenient way of getting repairs and maintenance for your car. You don’t have to bring your car to the shop for routine tasks anymore. A mechanic can come to you and get your vehicle up and running, saving you a lot of time and effort in the process.

Find the best mobile auto mechanics in your area with AutoProsFinder. Our free online tool lets car owners and mechanics post and quote on service requests, offering a convenient and accessible alternative to bringing your vehicle into the shop. Get your free quote now!

Basic Upkeep

5 Areas to Check for Vehicle Coolant Leaks

Coolant is an essential fluid that every vehicle needs to have to keep running at tip-top shape. Since engines go through a series of thousands of combustions per minute, the mini-explosions inside the block heat the engine to scalding temperatures. This heat is evident when you put your hand on the hood of the car after running it even for just a few miles.

When leaks happen, these can come in many different areas, making them hard to trace. The worst is when these aren’t caught on time, and you find yourself stranded due to an overheated engine, requiring you to schedule an appointment with a mechanic. Engine coolant leaks can occur in the worst places, and some might not be visible to the naked eye. One thing to note is that modern cars do not typically require a constant top-up of fluids, so if coolant is continuously decreasing, there is likely a problem. Here is a guide to check for leaks when you start to smell excessive coolant after a drive:

1. Check the Coolant Tank

The tank is the first place you should be looking at, as this is the usual suspect when coolant leaks occur. Depending on your car’s age, the tank’s plastic casing might develop cracks due to hitting bumps and potholes when driving over time. When cracking is the evident cause, replacing the tank is a must.

Sometimes, the coolant cap might be loose if you forgot to seal it properly after topping-up fluids. Additionally, the gasket seals on the cap and coolant tank can deteriorate, as time typically breaks down rubber. When this happens, a replacement cap is required.

Take note that opening up the coolant tank must always be done when the vehicle is in a cooled-down state, and not just after running the engine, as this will cause steam to burst out.

2. Check the Hoses

Checking the hoses that run from the tank to the engine is essential, as some of these can be wiggled loose after hitting any potholes or driving on bumpy roads. Additionally, there might be holes on the hoses, which is a possibility when a car gets older. Checking the hoses’ seals from the tank to those that reach the engine and other components can show you any potential problems.

3. Check the Pump

The coolant pump can develop problems, leading to overheating due to the lack of fluid circulating throughout the entire car’s cooling system. Some cars have a plastic pump with a shorter lifespan that can develop cracks and leaks easier. When you notice any leaks coming from the pump or issues with coolant circulation arise, replacing the pump will prevent overheating at the wrong times.

4. Inspect the Radiator

Sometimes, the radiator can have leaks or damages, causing coolant solution to seep out into the air and prevent the engine from receiving cooled air while driving the car. The radiator works to suck in air while in motion, allowing the engine to stay cool as it reaches higher revolutions-per-minute. When the radiator leaks, this can result in coolant reductions, so have any damaged radiators replaced immediately.

5. Have the Engine Block Checked

On rare occasions, when you cannot locate a coolant leak, but you notice antifreeze solution in the air after driving, this can indicate an internal leak inside the engine. Engines can receive holes inside the block that allow coolant to seep out and leak, which can be why coolant levels are reducing without any visible leaking. After all, you can replace parts and still experience leaks, which may indicate a hole in the engine block. Unfortunately, this is an expensive fix and might even require an entire overhaul.


There are many reasons why coolant leaks happen, and most occur due to age or due to rough driving styles. Pushing engines too hard can cause excess vibration that can loosen specific components, while not avoiding rough roads or potholes can cause many damages to car parts.

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